Krasnoyarsk and Achinsk Metropolitan bishop talks to FSRCC infectious disease hospital doctors

May 16, 2020

The head of the Krasnoyarsk Metropolitanate decided to support the doctors of the FMBA of Russia, working at the front line, and held a half-hour meeting with the staff of the hospitals designed for COVID-19 patients treatment. Metropolitan bishop Panteleimon gave spiritual exhortations and answered doctors' questions. Following the rules of the proper self-isolation regime, the Archpastor held the meeting in an online format.

The meeting was attended by the employees of the five infectious disease hospitals of the FMBA of Russia: the Federal Siberian Research Clinical Centre (FSRCC, FMBA of Russia) in Krasnoyarsk, the Clinical Hospital No. 42 of the FMBA of Russia in the closed city of Zelenogorsk, the Clinical Hospital No. 51 of the FMBA of Russia in the closed city of Zheleznogorsk, and the doctors of the FSRCC, FMBA of Russia who are helping to counteract the spread of the novel coronavirus infection in the village Yeruda of the North Yenisei Region.

In his welcoming speech, the Archpastor primarily noted the similarity of the purpose of the doctors and the churchmen. "It is all about the same endless love of life and the desire to awaken person's desire to fight for life, to muster the strength of will and revive those disciplinary imperatives laid down in our souls by God that would help to fulfill all the demands put forward by the people in white coats."

The Metropolitan bishop also noted that sometimes people place excessive hopes on the doctor the same way they rely completely on God, represented by the priest, in the difficult times. Though they forget that the doctor, like a priest, is also a man. Sometimes they might be having the hard times too, but they have to be patient everyday in order to maintain the peace of mind while helping the others. As in the case of present, when the doctors are closed in the hospitals away from home, relatives, familiar surroundings, risking their life every day. He also wished the doctors to be strong in spirit, uncover their resilience and remember that the doctor is not merely a profession but a vocation, a special gift to be proud of.

For their part, the doctors asked the Metropolitan about the ways of dealing with the negative attitude of patients towards treatment, adherence to the strict isolation regime and the pessimistic attitude towards the treatment outcome.
"We are experiencing the same problems. What may help in this case is the firm conviction of both the professing and the doctor. It is necessary to disconnect ourselves from analysis and internal understanding by the force of will, to find the contact, and to do our job for the person's benefit," advised the Metropolitan bishop Panteleimon.