FMBA of Russia in charge of mobile military hospital in Krasnoyarsk Region

May 22, 2020

On May 22, 2020, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation transferred a field multifunctional hospital deployed in the Yeruda village of the Krasnoyarsk Region to the operational submission of the FMBA of Russia. The medical support of the hospital will be carried out by the Federal Siberian Research Clinical Center (FSRCC), FMBA of Russia. It starts accepting the first patients today.

In accordance with the order of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, the Ministry of Defense deployed a mobile hospital with the capacity of 100 beds in the territory of the gold mining Olympiadinsky mountain-concentrating combine (Polyus company), where the outbreak of COVID-19 took place.

The layout of the mobile hospital is similar to the usual hospital for COVID-19 patients treatment: an admission department with a sanitary inspection room, wards, anesthesiology and resuscitation department (7 beds), a clinical laboratory. The hospital is equipped with the modern medical devices, including vital body functions monitoring systems, mechanical ventilation equipment, a digital X-ray machine, an ultrasound machine, equipment for laboratory diagnostics, and is also provided with all the necessary medicines and personal protective equipment in a sufficient amount, which guarantees one month of autonomous work possible.

“It is the first time when the field hospital deployment event was completed in this volume and quality, 70 of our doctors stay here, I’m sure it will be a fruitful interaction with the specialists of the FMBA of Russia,” said Anatoly Kalmykov, Head of the Medical Service of the Central Military District (CVO).

It is planned that the hospital will accept patients with the medium and severe cases. Also in the village there is a field observation camp with capacity of 1000 beds which can possibly be extended to 2000 beds.

“The FMBA of Russia expresses its gratitude to the Ministry of Defense for assistance in the prompt construction of a field hospital for the treatment of coronavirus patients,” said Veronika Skvortsova, Head of the FMBA of Russia. “In such situations, it is extremely important to ensure the ability to provide qualified medical care as soon as possible.”

In order to treat patients with a novel coronavirus infection, a team of 70 specialists from institutions subordinate to the FMBA of Russia arrived at the hospital (from the closed city of Zheleznogorsk, the closed city of Zelenogorsk, the closed city of Seversk, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Tyumen, Khanty-Mansiysk, Angarsk, Yarovoye, Krasnokamensk , Novosibirsk). The staff consists of resuscitators, epidemiologists, pulmonologists, therapists, and paramedical personnel.

Today, a hospital transfer and acceptance certificate was signed by Anatoly Kalmykov, Head of the Medical Service of the Central Military District, and Boris Barankin, Head of the FSBI FSRCC, FMBA of Russia. On the territory of the mobile hospital, the flag of the FMBA of Russia was hoisted.

“The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has rapidly set up a hospital, in which the employees of the plant will receive medical care. Today we start accepting the first patients, it will not be an easy shift for us. Take care of yourself and your health. I want to convey to you the words of Veronika Skvortsova, Head of the FMBA of Russia, she thanks you for starting the work,” said Boris Barankin.

Alexander Tokarenko, acting Managing Director of Polyus Krasnoyarsk, noted that the plant was among the large enterprises that faced the problem of combating coronavirus infection: “We put a lot of hope in doctors, the main thing is the health of our workers, it is in your hands. Thanks to the Ministry of Defense and the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Region for their support.”

Mobile unity of the FMBA of Russia has been in the outbreak location for more than a week, providing medical assistance to the employees of the Polyus Krasnoyarsk enterprise affected with COVID-19.

Currently, Rospotrebnadzor has confirmed coronavirus in 1,191 employees of the Olympiadinsky mining and processing plant, more than 5,000 people have been examined. In total, the company employs 6,000 people. Continuous testing of employees is carried out, which allows to separate sick and healthy employees.

Workers with a positive result are quarantined. Moreover, 154 people with moderate and severe case of the disease were sent to medical organizations in the region, the Krasnoyarsk Clinical Hospital, the Federal Siberian Research Clinical Centre, FMBA of Russia.