Educational Programs

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The FSRCC FMBA of Russia has the license to provide educational activity. The objectives of teaching and educational center are listed as follows:

– training of specialists with secondary and higher medical and non-core education, working in various areas of health care based on modern educational and information technologies;

– help to acquire (in addition to basic) knowledge and skills in demand on stage healthcare modernization;

– teaching health-saving technologies, improving the medical culture of our society.

After the training courses the students who have successfully passed the final certification receive a document of the established state standard with protection against forgery.

The center offers courses on the basics of clinical research at an institution, the organization of work in the field of drug trafficking, neurorehabilitation methods, basics of neuropsychology, otorhinolaryngology, dermoscopy in clinical practice. A separate list of programs is specifically designed for nurses, and can improve their skills as professionals if they do not have medical training. They can attend courses on topical issues of contemporary sport psychology, first aid in emergency situations, to learn patient care at home and hospital.


  • Liferenko Elena V.
    Director of the Educational Center
  • c. Krasnoyarsk, st. Kolomenskaya, build. 26
    Postcode: 660037