High-Tech Medical Care

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The Federal Siberian Research Clinical Centre under FMBA of Russia for 2016 attained more than 1,000 quotas for the high-tech medical care. The high-tech medical care in the hospital is provided in the following areas: abdominal surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, oncology, traumatology and orthopedics, transplantation. The high-tech medical care is carried out with the use of unique technologies: for example, the center’s specialists perform cochlear implantation and treatment of prostate cancer in the early stages – brachytherapy.


  • Dryannykh Andrei A.
    Deputy Chief Physician in Surgery He graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State Medical Institute, specialty "Medicine". Andrei Dryannykh has the highest qualification category “Nuerosurgery” He has been working in the field of medical care more than 24 years. In April 2015 he was appointed to the position of Deputy Chief Physician in Surgery. For his conscientious work he was awarded by the Diploma of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2009 and by the Diploma of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation in 2012.
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