Interaction with the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations (EMERCOM)

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The centre provides medical support for activities undertaken by the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations in illumination of the aftermath of natural disasters on the whole territory of the Siberian Federal District. The Federal Siberian Research Clinical Centre under FMBA of Russia has become a focal point for cooperation with the Russian Ministry for Emergencies in the Siberian Federal District. The director of the Siberian Research Clinical Centre Boris V. Barankin is a leading expert of FMBA of Russia for civil defense and emergencies.

In 2013, in accordance with the order of the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova the emergency response team of the Federal Siberian Research Clinical Centre provided medical and sanitary support for the population affected by the floods in the Far East. In 2014 a group of specialists provided medical care to displaced people in temporary accommodation in the Rostov Region.

The center has a mobile hospital, which consists of an operating room, an intensive care unit, a bandaging room, and a headquarters-control room with satellite communication and a field hospital.

The mobile hospital can be deployed anywhere within an hour, equipped with all the necessary medicines and is intended to assist directly at the scene or when transporting a patient to a hospital.


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