Scientific Activity

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In May 2016 the “research” (scientific) status was assigned to the hospital. Development of the scientific field has always been among priority tasks of the center and forms the basis of cooperation with Siberian Federal University, Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations and a number of other institutions of education and science. The new status allows the experts of the Siberian Research Clinical Centre under FMBA of Russia to conduct fundamental and applied research and to introduce their achievements to life in such forward-looking and innovative areas of medicine as radiation and nuclear medicine, biomedicine, biochemistry, radiobiology, genomics, genetics, veterinary medicine, environment and safety, be engaged in the development of nano-, bio-, information and cognitive, cellular and biomedical technologies.

The Siberian Research Clinical Centre under FMBA of Russia has already signed agreements on scientific cooperation with Siberian Federal University and Scientific-Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Alexandrov in Belarus.


  • Dobretsov Konstantin G.
    Director of the Otorhinolaryngology Center, otolaryngologist of the highest category, MD
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