Neurorehabilitation Service

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The Neurorehabilitation center specialists carry out rehabilitation treatment of stroke patients, patients with severe head and spinal cord injury and patients suffering from demyelinating pathology and extrapyramidal disorders.

Medical specialists use a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation. Highly qualified professionals of different medical specialties including speech therapists, neuropsychologists, neurologists, rehabilitologists, psychotherapists, physiotherapy doctors, massage specialists and physiotherapists are engaged in rehabilitation process.

The Neurorehabilitation center of the Federal Siberian Research and Clinical Center under FMBA of Russia is among the top ten medical institutions of the country. The FSRCC has obtained the international certificate and has the right to provide training for rehabilitation therapists from the entire Siberian Federal District.


  • Arakchaa Era M.
    Head of the Motor Rehabilitation Department, neurologist of the highest category, PhD
  • Maryina Natalia M.
    Deputy Chief Physician in Neurology She graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State Medical Institute, specialty "Medicine". Natalia Marina has the highest qualification category “Nuerology”. She has been working in the field of medical care more than 20 years. Since November 2015 she has been the Deputy Chief Physician in Neurology.
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