Nuclear Medicine

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The Nuclear Medicine Center of the FSRCC FMBA of Russia was built in accordance with the projects approved by the Presidential Committee for Modernization and Technological Development of Russia’s Economy. The Nuclear Medicine Center consists of two buildings: the medical – the Department of Radionuclide Therapy (DRNT), and diagnostic – the Center for Positron Emission Tomography (PET Center).

The PET center provides high-tech diagnostics of oncological, cardiac and neurological diseases at an early stage. The PET Center specialists synthesize about 10 radiopharmaceuticals which makes the Nuclear Medicine Center the biggest manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals in the country.

Treatment for thyroid cancer, thyrotoxicosis, and systemic radionuclide therapy in bone metastases of malignant tumors is carried out in the DRNT. Interstitial radiation therapy with iodine-125 (brachytherapy) is used for the treatment of prostate cancer at stages I-II. The capacity of the PET center is 3,300 patients per year; capacity of the DRNT is 1100 inpatients and 500 outpatients per year.

Today, an investment project to build a center for hadron therapy is implementing. Its construction will complete the formation of a nuclear medicine complex located near the Krasnoyarsk Regional Oncology Center. This complex providing high-grade treatment for cancer will be the only one located to the East from the Ural Mountains.


  • Chanchikova Natalia G.
    Director of the Nuclear Medicine Center, radiologist The physician of highest qualification category
  • c. Krasnoyarsk, st. 16 Pervaya Smolenskaya, build. 10-11
    Postcode: 660133