Scientific Activity

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In May 2016 the Research status was assigned to the FSRCC. Development of the scientific direction has always been among the priorities of the FSRCC and has formed the basis for cooperation with Siberian Federal University and a number of other institutions of education and science.

In the new status, the FSRCC’s specialists conduct fundamental and applied research and implement developments in such promising and innovative areas of medicine as radiation and nuclear medicine, biomedicine, biochemistry, radiobiology, genomics, genetics, veterinary medicine, ecology and safety, to develop nano- , bio-, informational, cognitive, cellular and biomedical technologies.

The molecular genetic laboratory of the Siberian Federal University has been established on the basis of the FSRCC. Laboratory staff carries out researches that are included in the genetic health passport. The passport contains a detailed and individual description of the factors and the risk of developing serious diseases, as well as recommendations for their effective prevention.


  • Semichev Evgeniy V.
    Head of the Scientific Department, Endoscopist Academic degree: Doctor of Medicine (PhD in Medicine)
  • c. Krasnoyarsk, st. Kolomenskaya, build. 26
    Postcode: 660037